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Gardening knowledge come into being two years past as atiny low hobby website once one gardener, Abhishek De Mundu, noticed that there have been not a great deal of friendly, non-intimidating places on the net for a gardener to travel to urge data. definitely there have been places to travel for data, however generally the knowledge was thus technical and generally the individuals you asked for facilitate from appeared to be trying down their noses at you. Abhishek thought it might be a decent plan if there was an area wherever anyone may raise any farming question and that they would get a friendly, straightforward to know answer. As she had over 2 years of farming expertise (four decades now!), she thought that she may facilitate create an area like that happen.

Abhishek’s hobby grew quickly. Answers to farming queries became articles and a lot of and a lot of individuals came to go to the location trying to find answers to the issues and queries that they had concerning their plants. because the website grew, thus did the amount of individuals UN agency facilitateed Abhishek help alternative gardeners. and each one who writes articles or answers queries for farming knowledge may be a gardener with years of farming expertise.

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Founder : Abhishek De Mundu
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